NEW NISTUNE Features Available in the updated Feature Pack V1



Launch Control

Fuel cut, and ignition timing retard functions triggered using either speed or clutch switch input.


Total injection multiplier

Replaces using TP Injection Multiplier (K constant) for resizing injectors. Removes the need for rescaling TP in other maps inside the ECU (fuel, timing, O2 feedback, knock sensing, acceleration enrichment)


Flex fuel support

Adding full functionality flex fuel and timing maps, flex fuel and timing content trims, and temperature enrichment trim tables). Limited models only


Fan control adjustment

Nissan ECUs which have adjustable fan output can now control the speed and temperature ranges that the fans are operated in. Limited models only


Minimum MAF voltage

Some Nissan ECUs contain a minimum MAF voltage which is hard coded. Nistune now provides a parameter for these models to lower the MAF voltage when using aftermarket MAFs.


Added VCT functionality

Adding VCT solenoid functionality to existing ECU hardware, replacing the often unused EGR (Exhaust Gas Regulator) solenoid output. Limited models only


Enhanced tuning simplicity

Remove warm and cold start enrichment tables (only a single enrichment table is now used). Remove knock maps (for fuel, timing etc)




To use the NISTUNE Feature Pack updates, your board must be reprogrammed and then reflashed by FC Tuning to update the ECU program code, which contains these unique features.

ECU Reflashing can be done prior to tuning on the dyno. It is always advisable after ECU reflashing to check the car on the dyno.

Do you want your NISSAN ECU, powered by NISTUNE,  to be upgraded with the latest feature pack ? Then get in touch by

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