A very nice Seat Ibiza with its 1.8T was in for a complete customization. Top Mount Garret T28 Hybrid Turbo, Downpipe & a a fresh Haltech ECU – A UK 1st with 3D Boost Control and a few other goodies for the 1.8T market.

So out with the bosch and everything, including boost, now managed by the Haltech

More to come as the owner has potential plans in the near future for 400hp +


  1. This looks good. Care to give me some advice on my install? I have a sprint 500 that should be going into my 1.8t mk4 golf gti

    • Hi Gavin.. Thanks for your interest and nice to see you have a Haltech Project in process.So you have one going into your 1.8T. Im assuming its non FBW ?

  2. Gavin Simpson

    No it’s DBC. Sorry I never replied sooner. My project ever got off the ground. I do still have the sprint 500

    • No worrier Gavin. Still good to hear from you sir 🙂 Whats the next project ? Anything exciting in the pipeline ?

    • For the 1.8T platform I now offer the more straight forward fit of the AEM Plug n Play Systems. These are MUCH easier to deal with on the 1.8T platform and a true plug and play solution. The Haltech would need to be fully wired into the engine, and would also still need to have the OEM ECU powered yup and in place for idle control and Fly By Wire Control also. (just in case you were unaware)

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