First seen up in Scotland a couple years ago, this chaser soon returned, prepped, exceptionally well by its new owner for engine tuning. The engine still runs the factory ECU with a GReddy Piggyback system and independent boost control in the form of a Gimzmo Electronic Boost controller. Id have loved to have fitted and tuned this engine with one of my Haltech Platinum Sport 2000 ECU’s to get the full benefit of the HX35.. May be the next owner may step up and upgrade from the factory ECU to exploit the 1JZ’s full potential with the holset turbine. Great sound though!! I love the high revving toyota engines 🙂


  1. This is was my car at the time, we spent just under two hours on the dyno and Steve gave me some fantastic results. The power and torque have jumped up but what can’t be shown is how much smoother the car revs. Since this session the engine is a delight to use, revving keenly and cleanly to the redline. I am impressed as always with Steves work and continue to recommend him.

  2. What kinda turbo?

  3. Joe Terrell

    The turbo is a Holset HX35 I believe.

  4. Steven, how is the spool up on the hx35 compared to a gt30r or can you really compare the spool up of the two. What size injectors were installed on the above.

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