A UK / European 1st 😉

FCTuningNistune ECU Solutions for Nissan 300zx Z31 Turbo / NA Engines. Contact Steve@FCTuning

It was a real pleasure to tune such a PERFECT example of this now cool 80s Retro Nissan Turbo Car.. I used to love these as a kid so to get my hands on one and have fun setting it up and tuning it for the sat was a real pleasure.. It drives soo smooth. Still more to come as we were held back with a weak and tired actuator which couldnt really be adjusted. A bleed valve was fitted to bleed off and tune to 0.8bar. However, an electronic boost controller is on order along with a fresh turbo actuator and once remapped to 1.1bar this should make well over 300hp+ and around 350+ ft Ibs and this engine, revitalised, gives a nice spread of torque even with the factory turbocharger..

Quality.. Great Car, Great Engine and Treasured by its owner..

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