Well it’s not often one gets to see in the UK an old skool Toyota Levin 1.6litre 4A-GE engine from a AE111 Toyota Levin (Corolla Coupe FWD), let alone a turbo’d version.

Great looking rare cars. This is one I’ve known for a while and had previously the pleasure of tuning the engine in its original NA form. So to see it back many years later turbo charged put a nice smile on my face as I always like to do something different with an edge of the unknown.

Still sporting a modest 1.6 twin cam Black Top variant which in its NA form makes 165 bhp at 7800 rpm, with 5 valves per cylinder and VVT valvetrain.

It is also powered by its humble 20 year old GReddy Emanage blue mated to the OEM ecu, and not only nice to see the engine tuned on the same Dyno, but it was great opportunity to overlay the engine data and appreciate the increase in power n torque with NA vs Turbo as I’ve personally never documented this.

After tuning we saw a whopping increase in power with just a modest tune knowing there is alot more to come once the engine gets fitted with a fully controllable aftermarket ecu system.

A great drive and massive torque increase and more importantly ALOT more fun to drive with the new modifications. Enjoy Nathan.

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