A really special FWD weapon and true street sleeper. Wolf in sheeps clothing. Whatever you choose to call it, this is one motor the owner will now be sure to have even more torque steer fun in..Locals will definitely need to show some respect, especially with 380ft Ibs of Torque on tap @ 3900 rpm.

Makes me miss the 90’s & my Vauxhall SRi & GSi tuning days myself after tuning this nice machine..

Again.. nice to program something different (Omex 600) and tune the good ol Vauxhall/Opel Z20LET.

Great build and prep by the owner…….Enjoy the wicked Torque Steer !!

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  1. Stu Stringer

    Good work again Steve!!
    This guy is the only reason I put stand alone management on the car!! Wouldnt go anywhere else…either for tuning (by FC tuning) or any mechanical work I need that I cant do myself (Bob @ Hayes Engineering!!)

    Has some good fun on the way home…pulls like a train in all gears! Going to have a bit of fun with it over the summer…then head work!

    Cheers guys

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