1. Lee Edwards

    After having my car for 4 years I decided to start modifying it. So after much deliberating, it was decided to swap the 140 1ZZ VVT-i engine for a 190 2ZZ VVTL-i engine. This was on top of having a Rotrex C30/94 Supercharger fitted with 95mm pulley, low compression, Stage 3 head, Apexi Power FC and small intercooler all custom work from Se7en Motorsports based in Coventry. The car was then Dyno’ed by Protuner as this is Se7en Motorsports regular tuner. The car made 312bhp running a safe tune as it was discovered (at the cost of a fellow Celica driver) that the engine bearings needed to be upgraded.
    So just over 12 months later with up rated bearings, larger intercooler, LSD, performance manifold, fuel return system, up rated MAF & 2.5” custom exhaust., it was finally due to hit the dyno again. Due to money constraints, I needed to find a local tuner as I’m based in Medway. I was put in touch with Steve who was extremely helpful. We exchanged numerous details about the setup of the car before hitting the dyno.
    Thanks to Steve she made a very impressive 368bhp, but sadly due to a cheap FPR that I purchased, Steve needed to pull her back a little to ensure the unit would not fail until I could source a replacement.
    Steve is a top guy who is willing to share his knowledge, experience and advice. He showed me exactly how my car was running throughout the rev range. I couldn’t recommend him more highly and can’t wait to get him back to him with the new FPR.

    • Great to meet you Lee and thanks for your interest in my brand FC Tuning. I look forward to seeing the car back with the new Fuel Pressure Regulator.. Its also nice to add a brand new section to my site – 2ZZ-GE. Ill no doubt expect to see a few more pop up over time once folk see yours.. and congratulations to Se7en Motorsports for the build. Nice to see something different as to the usual Mitsubishi’s, Nissans, Mazdas etc etc that I see day in day out.. When you get the new FPR gimme a shout.

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