Immaculate example of a Normally Aspirated Toyota Celica T230 Chassis. Sporting a stock bottom end, modified head and set of cams. However the spec is a little unknown to both me and the owner. So im still awaiting full info from the owner as to what degree and duration they have been set to and also how much lift there is on the valves. No doubt SJ will dig some info out soon and post it on for the masses to see.

What would be nice would be for a totally STOCK engine to be run in the same conditions as a modified one in order to gauge a good comparison..Any takers from the UK Celica Owners Club ?? 😉

Still, fuelling and igniton have no been perfectly optimised and the owner has reported back to me how much crisper the tune is.

Enjoy SJ and see you soon, when your all supercharged up and ready, hehe !!


  1. Well done on SJ’s tune Steve.

    SJ’s head, should be the same as mine running the same cams. I did email you all the cam detials before we tuned mine, so have a read through.

  2. Many Thanks Steve!!! =D Top Bloke!!!

  3. No Problem SJ.. Thanks for using me for your tuning solution.. be sure to spread the word to other fellow Celica Owners.. Im sure with whatever management system they are running that I can program and set them up properly on the dyno… De me a favour and forward your forum thread, just for my file.. Cheers


  4. Hi Steve Im a very good friend of Kash at Kream developments went to school together, but thats another story lol!!
    I just saw your vid of the Evo 8 and then read on to see that you tune most cars and have a good rep as a tuner! all good any way the reason Im mailing you is that my girlfriend has both a t230 VVTLI and a ep82 td04 and i wondered what you would charge to rolling road tune them both??
    please get back me either by Email: justslinx@hotmail.co.uk or by phone: 07877 477 449 thanx
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  5. Hi Justin…

    I will email you shortly… by the way.. you DONT road tune… you use a Dynomometer to tune engines.. Thats the correct way to do things and I only choose to do things properly.. Road tuning is in accurate and NOT safe..

    try and comprehend me asking you to drive at 65miles per hour and HOLD that speed, whilst applying 100% throttle and to do that at 1500rpm 2000rpm 2500rpm etc etc etc 😉

    Just thinking about it I’m sure will confuse you enough..

    Please fill out the contact page on my website ASAP with FULL details of both cars please.. Do that now if you can

  6. click link or copy n paste into your browser


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