This beloved Subaru Owner had been previously led around the garden path by another engine tuner that attempted to set the engine and ecu up on the road without much success causing serious piston damage.
The car and its owner then looked to Redline Motorsport to perform the surgery. So a full engine strip down, assessment and rebuild within a couple of weeks sharp including all mating meant the owner wasn’t off the road for too long.
The car was then put back to factory form and then setup professionally using the dyno and checked on the road.
The aim wasn’t massive power with this tune but to give the owner the pleasure of driving his beloved Subaru Impreza which the previous company had failed to allow him to do
Still with all the Catalytic Converters fitted power and torque was expected.
In the future Redline Motorsport expect to see the car back Redline Motorsports 350hp upgrade package
See redlinemotorsportuk.com for more info

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