The Story behind this mota ?

Well in it came to the workshop with its PowerFC fitted and tuned, but low n behold sat in the boot was a lovely new Haltech ECU which the previous tuner chose not to tune. Not sure why. But this was an ideal opportunity to get the SR20DET up and running on the Haltech Platinum Sport series ECU.

So that natural thing was for us to rip out the old PowerFC (yes. okay, it does the job but it cannot offer ANY failsafe protection using the engines sensors and has no wideband control, so it had to go)

As the old saying goes, Out with the old and In with the New.

Welcome to Haltech’s Platinum Sport 1000. After rewiring the fuel pump connections and fitting the ECU, calibrating a fresh basemap we soon had some life from the beloved SR and it was off out on the road.

A few hours later on the road and after final optimisation on dyno just to see what the engine was delivering, the rest as they say is history.

The engine REALLY did perform well and this was a first for me to experience the smaller of the T2 series GTX range.

The blower on the SR20DET is courtesy of Garretts GTX2863R. A Small but yet SUPER punchy and responsive turbo which I may add makes IMPRESSIVE torque not the SR20DET engine. I was very surprised that torque was consistently over 380ft Ibs and peaking more in some places. It made me think and wonder what a couple of these little bad boys would be like in twin formation on an RB26DETT or VG30DETT engine at the time 🙂 mmmm..

Anyway, a Fantastic drive from the SR. Love tuning these SR’s specced up like this, and even more so when good good modern management system is in situ

We’ll probably be back for more at some point and a 1.8bar boost tune to see what the GTX2863 is really capable of on a built SR20DET

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