An excellently maintained BNR32GTR powered by an FCTuningNistune ECU solution with supporting modifications.

Never rule out the factory ECU if your just after a good tune without all the bells and whistles of additional Motorsport features.

The OEM ECU is an excellent cost effective way forward enabling the factory RB26DETT engine to be tuned. Some issues with the OEM coilpacks were experiences during tuning when running 1.4bar. So boost from the GT turbos was simply reduced to 1bar and 494hp. Wiring issues on the ignition coil loom has since been addressed and all that is needed now is to crank the boost up at a later date and get a true output as to what the 24 year old year old engine will do when we get it back on the Dyno for som final weeks.

Nissan Skyline GTR
Stock RB26DETT
Stock gearbox
Stock coils – (wiring look now addressed)

Larger fuel pump
1000cc injectors
GT turbo upgrade
Turbo back exhaust system
Uprated clutch

FCTuningNistune ECU Solution

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