Like most, this Perfect example of a Nissan Skyline R32 GTR was back at the FCTuning for more modifications fuel wise, in the form of an additional intank Aeromotive Pump and a Bosch 044 inline to compliment this, and just to add to the flavour and a set of ID1000s were fitted to a top feed GReddy fuel rail with twin entry.

I think this is (or was at the time) the first Nistuned R32 in the UK running ID1000s that Ive had the pleasure of setting up and it was clear after the tune that at even with a modest 3.5bar pressure maximum injector duty cyles were at comfortable 58% duty. So pleeeeeenty of headroom for more boost with larger turbines.

Rock solid idle, excellent cold start and all on the factory OEM ECU complimented by Nistune Developments

As the engine is stock and I decided that 1.6bar peak was enough boost from the GT2510s, and the RB26DETT saw some great power delievery and spool up. The response on the road is amazing.

Peak torque is nice and early and there is a massive spread of torque right through the rev range. This is probably one of THE BEST R32’s Ive ever driven (not just saying that because I tuned it) it but it really does drive well, no rattles, solid and smooth and really responsive. It was great that the owner let me take the car for 2-3days. just meant that I could give it that bit more TLC and appreciate the performance. I even enjoyed giving it a thorough clean 🙂

Suspension and drive is wonderful and the modest sound from the exhaust system means you can actually talk to your passenger even if driving on a day to day basis

A real pleasure to drive and it just wants to Boost. when it does it just pull and pulls given enough road.

Enjoy it mate and lets get it on Track and really exploit it!

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