Another powerful R32 GTR running not a complex ECU or anything like that, but an FCTuningNistune ECU Solution, based on the 25 year old factory Hitachi ECU 😉

Who say age matters.. It just shows whats possible and you dont always need to spend £1000s on aftermarket management systems and additional sensors etc.

All on the Stock RB Engine too with a propa HKS Turbine at boost, after a session addressing issues with fuel flow and supply it was back on the dyno for final tuning with this lovely stock RB26

Great engine, great owner (and the previous owner before that too) thats now respect the power even more so after throwing a little more love at the car including the full tune and setup.. No doubt this will be back for even more boost (around 1.8-2bar in future). Its just a matter a little machining and forging the bottom end for that added reliability to match the mild cylinder head work and perhaps looking at gearbox solutions. As this is one GTR that deserves to be tracked hard.

Not a daily driver… there’s something about the old skool R32’s I just love.

The most powerful Nissan R32 Stock RB26 Engine running an FCTuning Nistune ECU Solution

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