Here we have a stunning Kuro Black Nissan Skyline R34 GTT Neo imported from Japan by its owner a while back.

Nice to things simple on these OEM New engine setups, with just bolt ons. In this case a hybrid turbo and Apexi programmable ecu were down for some mild tuning. Issues with an actuator on the day prevented us from laying down some decent power, but it still a nice result and a good base to work from for a remap next session in the near future.

The turbo has plenty of potential and I can see from experience the this engine will make alot more hp and a huge increase in mid range torque improving the fun and drivability, which is what we all need.

Everything kept in check with an old Skool plug n play Apexi PowerFC ECU.

Looking forward to catching up Al and giving you well over 400 ft Ibs of torque to match.

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