An owner new to skyline ownership doesn’t always necessarily need to splash out heaps to get the most out of his setup. Sometimes the first thing in question isn’t always the first thing on most owners minds.

Switch out the ECU for something more cost effective and favourable in order to make the most out of your bolt on modifications.

Simply bolting on parts without addressing the engine management gains you nothing, and in most cases leads to poor fuel economy. This is the case with most old High Performance Japanese Cars.

Out with the OEM ecu and in with an FCTuningNistune ECU Solution which uses the factory Hitachi/Nissan ECU along with a Nistune ECU soldered in. Together they allow the engine to be tuned. A custom tune will ALWAYS compliment your Free flowing exhaust system, the uprated fuel pump to replace the tired OEM pump, the electronic boost controller and any air filter modifications you may have performed.

The reason its beneficial to still work with OEM ECU & Nistune systems is that you still retain the all important features Nissan spent Millions developing

Knock Control

Boost Limit Control

02 Control,

Better and Improved Cold Start Control

Datalogging and OEM Diagnostics

and new features can be enabled such as Launch Control 🙂

Expect to see more form this owners nice R33 GTSt in the future as we look to upgrade the turbo charger for one of our Borg Warner EFR Series Turbo Kits as well as freshen up the engine.

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