The Dutch Time Attack Winning Car – 2010 @ FC Tuning in Holland_ Session 8

Albert was back for more fine tuning and enhancements and engine modifications to his nice S13 200sx CA18DET. This including a fresh new body kit and new paint from, and more boost form the GT2871R.

I wish him well in this years 2011 Dutch Time Attack Season. Go get em AK!!

I hope the car kicks arse in this years (2011) Dutch Time Attack Series


  1. AM Motorsport

    Is it a 2871 with 0.86 or 0.64 A/R

    Cheers from Switzerland

  2. Hello AM Motorsport….

    Ive checked with Albert (in Holland) and the housing is the .64 housing.

    Hope this helps.. Thanks for your interest..

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