Once again, the owner of this devistatingly quick Mitsubishi Evolution 8 was back to see me / aka ‘FC Tuning’ for more performance.

It was also a opportunity to really start putting both the engine and turbo to the test to see if Garretts claims were all they were made up to be.

The aim of this tuning session was to set the car up from the current 2.1bar to 2.4bar of pressure and to also look at consistent back to back wheel horse power figures from dyno testing.

This would clearly verify that this Fast Road FC Tuned EVO is not to be messed with and stands the quickest in London. A Daily Driven (Not Time Attack) EVO that actually gets USED by its owner which is for me what its about.. No point going the distance just to poodle around. Drive it like you stole it !!!

Ive still more work to do alongside Raymond and ill be back down at Hayes Enginnering to help the owner develop things further for Track and endurance.. Reliability and Longevity is what I seek from this DAILY driven car.

Meanwhile Mr H.. Enjoy it! & Touch base soon! Dont go pissing off too many R35 GTR’s hehe.


  1. Steve, what does the car need to achieve 600whp?

  2. Nicely done steve,did the car require a better intercooler at this level of tune? Hence your reason for pulling the boost back a bit?

  3. Hi Paul…

    Thanks for your kind words

    No. the Intercooler is fine… Its just the owners still has stock brakes on the car,and a Stock EVO 8 Radiator so heat soak sets in quick :(… also and id rather he live than die with stock brakes. To achieve 600whp ? ill outline everything all in due time 🙂 But thanks for your interest! Do you drive an EVO yourself?

  4. I do drive a evo but not quite to this level of tune!
    It would be great to see a spec on the car and what it takes to make this sort of power.
    Really enjoy watching your videos and i look forward to seeing the next installment on the evo 8.

  5. Im sure Henry will release the spec when he is ready, most likely when its all finished.. It will also be getting a magazine feature too.

    Im glad you enjoy watching the vids.. Im miles behind with editing. I may sit down tonight and edit some from my recent Scottish Session No 12 and Jersey Session No 5.. Ive many others.. Im glad you al enjoy them