A big Power EVO getting tuned and prepped for the Track


  1. Very nice, loved the way you narrated in this video to let us know what is going on. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks guys.. admittedly it does takes a lot of my personal time producing these short dyno movies and I’ve still a pile of DV tapes and SD cards to download footage going back years to edit. Recently over the course of 2009 I’ve taken the time to add a little narration here n there in order to help those that don’t understand tuning WHAT exactly is kinda going on.. MANY people just see power going up and up and up and the majority have minimal knowledge and technical understanding of the STUFF in between and what it takes to actually get a 4 cylinder engine up to these kinds of power levels RELIABLY. As and when I get time the narration will be much more detailed, right from the strapping down up to when the car leaves the dyno.

    Thanks for your comments, they are always much appreciated. Feel free to comment on any of the others



  3. Nicely done steve,did the car require a better intercooler at this level of tune? Hence your reason for pulling the boost back a bit?

  4. Emiel Durbal

    Injector duty cycles were climbing high 🙂

    Thanks for watching

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